November 26, 2022


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What’s The Ideal Metal For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a daunting task. You have to think about the stone, the style, the budget, the size, and so much more. And once you have finally decided it all, you will come to know that the metal for your engagement ring matters too.

While there is no doubt that it is the stone that rocks the show but the metal type decides the overall look and durability. In simple words, you do have to put a lot of thought and time in deciding which is the ideal metal for the engagement ring.

Thankfully, we are here to ease this process for you. In this article, we are going to unveil some of the best metals to choose for an engagement ring. Read on!

  1. Platinum

This rare and silvery-white metal is one of the most expensive and luxurious metals. That is why many couples choose platinum for their diamonds rings. The best part about this metal is that it is the hardest and most durable of all the metals. It is also scratch-proof and chip-proof.

But there is one catch. Over time, platinum can develop small bumps and ridges. It is also quite heavy on your pocket. Platinum is, in fact, the most expensive metal. So, if you think you have a good budget and are ready for something that stays forever, go for platinum without any doubt!

  • Gold

Probably the most common metal for engagement rings, gold is also a great option. It is luxurious, durable, and stunning. There are also different colours in gold. You can buy a yellow gold and diamond ring or opt for white or rose gold as well. Such metals are not coated so they will not fade over time. Another best fact about gold is that it is a hypoallergenic metal. This means it will not cause any rashes or allergies on the skin.

While buying gold, you should check its purity. Check the carat and then buy the ring. Based on your budget, you can choose different carats. As for the disadvantage of gold, it is softer than platinum and thus, requires a little bit of care.

  • Palladium

In the recent years, palladium rings have also become quite popular. They also have a silvery-white lustre like platinum. They are also hard and scratch-proof. It is, in fact, a budget-friendly alternative to platinum. The only difference is that palladium is much lighter.

So, if your partner does not care about the metal being platinum or gold, palladium is a good choice.

Factors to Consider While Choosing The Ideal Metal

While we have discussed the major metals used for engagement rings, it is time to talk about a few factors that can help you in making the final decision. These include:

  • Your Partner’s Style: Before finalizing the engagement ring, make sure you consider your partner’s style.Take a quick look at her jewellery collection to see which metals get the most preference. You can also ask her friends and family for suggestions.
  • Your Budget: This is a big deciding factor. The higher the budget, the more luxurious metal you can afford. That being said, go for reasonable metal. If you want a diamond ring, then maybe you can opt for a metal like gold to ensure the final price does not go overboard.
  • The Lifestyle: Keep in mind what your partner does and how she goes about with her day. Since she will be wearing the engagement rings on a daily basis, this information can help you decide how durable should the metal be. For instance, if she has an outdoor job that requires lots of travel, go for highly durable metal such as white gold or platinum. If she has sensitive skin, you may wish to go for platinum as it has minimum chances of allergies.

Now that you know the metals and the factors, you can easily decide what to pick. At the end, what matters is your love and promise. Happy shopping!