June 1, 2023


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US Public Listed Companies- Largest American Companies by Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization

The United States of America is the powerhouse of large-scale multinational business organisations of different sectors. The sectors include various streams like energy, technology, communication, finance and others. Market capitalization is generally calculated by the multiplication of the total number of shares outstanding by the current price of the market shares. Major large-scale business organisation in the country has made it to the top by generating millions and billions of dollars as their annual revenue.

The logo says it all. Apple is the leading software and technology developer that is listed in the NASDAQ stock market for capitalization. It is in first place amongst all the publicly listed organisations in the USA. The organisation not only develops software but also manufactures smartphones, tablets, computers, and other smart gadgets. The market capitalization value is $2,510. The listed name is AAPL.

The powerhouse of the Windows operating system ranks 2nd in the list. The business aspects of the organisation run with the development of system and application software, search engine, cloud computing, and many more. The market capitalization of the organisation is $2,268 billion. The listed name of the organization is MSFT.

Alphabet Inc ranks 3rd among the list as its parent organization is Google and its search engine technology. The organization is also specialized in technology, financial investment capital, cloud computing and many more. Considering the listed name for capitalization, it is GOOG. The market capitalization value of the organization is $1,933 billion.

The e-commerce giant ranks 4th in the list where business organization also deals with technology, software and information technology. The listed name for the organisation is AMZN, and the market capitalization is $1,757 billion.

The social media giant, as you always post pictures, make reels and stay connected with the community, ranks 5th in the list. The business aspects of the organization are embedded with not only the social media network but also technology, software, information technology and others. The listed name is FB. The market capital of the organization is $1,069 billion.

In the name of the great Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk has established the organization to support delivering renewable sources of energy to the common people. The organizational business aspects include not only electric automobiles but also solar panels, energy storage, battery cells and many more. The ranking in the list of the organization is 6th, with the name TSLA. The market capitalization of Tesla is $736 million.

It is the joint venture of two regional textile business organizations. The merger took place in the late 19th century when many shares of Berkshire Hathaway were purchased by Warren Buffet, the legendary investor. Later on, he transformed it into a conglomerate business organization. The business aspects of the organization are finance, real estate, insurance, utilities, food, aerospace, and many more. For the past few years, Berkshire Hathaway has shown a keen interest in consumer electronics. The listed name is BKR/A. The market capital is $646 billion.