June 1, 2023


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Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Recharging Fastag

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Recharging Fastag

You must take care of a few things before charging Fastag. If you don’t, money will also be taken from your bank account, and there won’t be a recharge. Before doing HDFC Fastag Recharge, you must enter the vehicle number. If the vehicle number is entered incorrectly, money will be taken from your bank account and the Fastag recharge will not occur.

How to Get a FASTag

All vehicles classified as “M” and “N” categories must now have a FASTag. All four-wheel vehicles used to transport people or goods fall under this category.

Any 22 banks permitted to sell FASTag can provide you with the sticker. The bank employees will be able to activate your account and walk you through the technical aspects of FASTag and after that, you need to do HDFC Fastag Recharge. or you can simply pick up your FASTag sticker from a toll plaza.

What Advantages does Fastag offer?

Users may experience additional issues and incur double fees if there is no money in their Fastag accounts. If a user’s Fastag account is running low on funds, they should top it off right away. The money may take some time to reach the account, even after frequent recharges. Therefore, try to recharge the account before the toll plaza to know your balance. Also keep in mind that if you don’t have FASTag, you should get one as soon as possible and keep it charged to avoid paying more.

How to Recharge your FASTag

Your FASTag is very easy to recharge. You can easily deposit the necessary sum into the FASTag account using a debit card, credit card, net banking, or UPI. You can get fantastic cashback deals and quick transactions by using Bajaj Finserv app

Things to Remember

Here are some crucial considerations regarding FASTag:

  • Penalty for Dissent

If you’re still debating whether or not to get your car FAST-equipped, keep in mind that you will be required to pay twice as much for tolls if you don’t have this sticker.

  • Validity

Your FASTag is functional for five years.

  • One vehicle, One Sticker

Even if you are the owner of both vehicles, only one FASTag account can be associated with a single vehicle, and it cannot be used to pay for the toll on another vehicle.

  • Cap on the Highest Balance

The maximum balance that can be kept in the prepaid wallet is limited. These restrictions are as per regulations:

The maximum amount of money that a limited KYC FASTag account holder may have in their prepaid FASTag wallet is Rs 20,000. The Rs 20,000 cap also applies to the monthly reload allowance.

Full KYC FASTag account holders are prohibited from having more than Rs 1 lakh in their prepaid FASTag wallet. According to the Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) website, this account has no monthly reload cap.

Documents Necessary for Purchasing a FASTag

To the bank’s point of sale, you must bring your Know Your Customer, or KYC, documents, such as a passport-sized photo, proof of identity, and address. Do not forget to bring both the original and a copy of the KYC documents.

Important Considerations

You cannot use a single FASTag with two or more vehicles; instead, you must purchase two separate FASTags for the two vehicles, and so on.

“If you live within 10 kilometers of the toll plaza, you can get a discount on tolls paid with your FASTag,” according to the IHMCL website. In this case, you must submit the necessary documentation – proof of residence at the bank, or nearest POS location to validate that your residential address is within 10 kilometers of a specific toll plaza. Once your address has been verified, you can receive a discount on tolls paid using the FASTag assigned to your vehicle.”

Summing Up

In addition to FASTag, make sure you have a current driver’s license and auto insurance for your vehicle. Drive cautiously and safely. If you are making a fast payment using the Bajaj Finserv app, you can easily and securely check your BBPS transaction status on Bajaj Finserv’s official website.

In these times, FASTag is a much-needed blessing. It lessens congestion at toll plazas and saves fuel because of shorter wait times. This benefits the environment and reduces pollution. Additionally, each time a toll fee is deducted from your account, you get an SMS or email. This makes it easier for you to keep tabs on your toll expenditures for a given trip. Owners of private and commercial vehicles who do not have FASTags will be charged twice the normal rate at toll gates as the government works to achieve seamless road travel across the country by making collections electronic.