June 1, 2023


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Summer Skin Care Routine

skin care routine

Summer is all about vacations and events. There is a prolonged summer break and people usually plan their events accordingly. So there are number of weddings and most often travelling. This leads to dirt and pollution that effects the skin care in so many bad ways. Even if you are staying indoors or at home skin gets dull and polluted in summers. If you have an oily skin your skin gets more oily due to the excess oil in summers. Due to the heat and exposure to sun light skin tone gets tan and dull. And if you are applying heavy makeup like getting ready for events like weddings and birthday parties you can see your skin getting worse even if the makeup you are using is of high quality. 

Less Makeup or No Makeup

The very first thing if you have to attend events in summer is to go for less makeup. Avoiding heavy makeup looks would be better for skin condition. One should prefer avoiding makeup in summer but if you have to attend some grand event than make sure to use as less makeup as you can . this can help you in not going your skin to worse condition.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin care hydrated will provide your skin enough water and nutrients and it will remain fresh throughout summer. You need to add fruits in your diet specially those have high water content. Like you can eat water melon in summers that is not only good for skin but also excrete toxins out of the body. Increase your water intake this will help to maintain the texture of your skin and keep it fresh. You can also keep your skin hydrated  by washing it with cool water and icing your skin.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Rose water for Skin Care

Sprays like rose water sprays and other skin toners should be a must have in summers. Rose water not only make your skin glowy but also have properties to repair your damage skin, it gives a fresh and cool soothing effect when applied to the skin. The rose like smell  of the rose water spray makes you and your skin fresh throughout the day. You ca apply rose water to your face after ever wash. You can easily take rose water spray with you to your work place, college and anywhere while traveling as it is easily portable. Make sure to wash your face with cold water.

Using Right Products

Majority of us are not aware of righr products for our skin type. We are buying skin care products and using them randomly just by testing a new product launched or by the recommendation of the seller. This is one of the biggest mistake we made. Not all the products are mandatory to be tested and are not good for your skin. Picking up right choice for your skin  iis really very difficult so just try to buy simple products. Like a good face wash , a good sun screen and a good cleanser. Avoid using bulk of scrubs and whitening face masks.

Moisturize Your Skin Care with Home Made Mask

Keeping your skin moisturize is one of the very basics of summer skin care routine. There are excess of oul on our skin throughout summers but you have to wash your face many times and make sure to moisturize your skin. You can moisturize your skin by applying home made masks before going to bed. All ypu need is some honey and turmeric powder. Mix honey and some pinches of turmeric powder mix well until a uniform paste is formed. Apply this mixture and let it dry. Wash it with cold water and let it dry naturally avoid using towels. Now you will feel your skin  being extra soft and neat.

 Four Basic Steps to be Followed in Summers for Best Skin Care

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Sun Screen

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin twice a day in summers regularly. This will wash off the pollution and dirt particles  that are embedded in your skin. By doing it regularly you can prevent your skin from getting dull and acne. Acne is caused by dust and dirt particles and germs present in the air.

2. Cleansing Skin Care

Cleansing your skin is one of the very important step in summer skin care routine. All you need is to buy a good quality skin cleanser after washing your face cleansing is must. This will help in excreting out the embedded dust particles and the tan on your skin. Apply the cleanser on your face as well as your neck . I would personaly prefer cleanser of clean and clear. This is best for all skin types. You would get the desired results by cleansing your face twice a week.

3. Mosturizing Skin Care

Mosurizing your skin with organic products is very important. You have already used so many products in exfoliating and cleansing your face so now its time to use something organic . the home grown Aloe vera is one of the best organic mosturizer. All you have to do it to cut some fresh aloe vera leafs and cut them into half. With the help of a teaspoon take out the aloe jell into a bowl and start applying it on your face. Let it dry. The jell takes  a little longer to get dry, now rinse it off with cold water. You will feel your skin soft .

4. Sun Screen

Sun screen is the last and very important step that can help you to maintain your skin tone. Screen or sun blocks are very important and are essential in summers. They help your skin from not getting dark by maintaining the nutrients and minerals and keeping away the exposure of sunlight. You need to buy a good quality sun block with  a good spf . sun screen provides an extra layer of protection to your skin that hides your skin from direct exposure to sun and prevent your skin from getting dull.