January 29, 2023


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Streamline Everything In One Go: Easy Estimates and Invoicing

auto repair estimating softwar

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When it comes time to crunch numbers, how do you make an accurate estimate for your repair business?

Are you stuck with slow methods? For fast cars, using old techniques is not something modern customers want. They want something fast like auto repair estimating software.

How many times have you been put off by the spreadsheet system, it’s slow, inconvenient and there is a high chance of losing your important data. It’s time to replace old methods.

If you are replacing methods, you will win your customers’ hearts and both save time and money. Time is money, and nobody wants to spend too much time on the phone with their customers. 

A simple auto repair estimating software will streamline all tasks for your shop like estimates, invoicing, assigning job cards to your technicians, to name a few.

Because of the fierce competition in the automotive industry, it is crucial to provide customers with an accurate and fast estimate, but with software, you are able to meet this challenge.

The article below gives tips on using this kind of software effectively and getting the best out of it. auto repair estimating software.

Why is Creating Estimates so Important for Auto Repair Shops?

It’s important to create estimates to help solve problems before they happen. The more accurate the estimate, the more likely the customer will be satisfied with the result. 

When you take the time to go through the estimate process thoroughly, you have a better chance of knowing what needs to be done before work starts on the car. 

You’ll also have an easier time communicating with customers. It saves you from chaos. Because often customers say after you start working on their vehicle, they blame you for charging too much.

To avoid this hassle, you create estimates, so the customer knows exactly what repairs are required to make before your technician starts working. This becomes easy for shop owners and customers as well.

Bargaining is the last thing you want to do with your customers. With repair shop software, you send your estimate to the customer’s email and wait for their customer approval. As soon as he approves your estimates, you will be making cash. WOHO!

Digital Estimates vs. Manual Estimates

How does it sound when you live in the 21st century but use Stone Age methods, and you expect to attract customers? Stop ranting for no business. Rather upgrade your ways and see business coming to you itself. Change your shop fortune today!

When you automate your workflow with digital estimating software, it helps you streamline your process to produce fast, accurate estimates quickly.

For example, say goodbye to spreadsheets or calculators with auto repair software – everything is done right on your tablet or phone. 

This helps save time and does not require any special skills. Customers enjoy getting their estimates this way because they know they are getting an accurate estimate, and it does not take much time at all. 

Moreover, for customers’ ease and to avoid any misunderstandings, take pictures or videos of vehicle pre-estimate repairs. It will help you tell customers what was pre- & post-condition of the vehicle.

And this makes your customers trust you more. Because many times customers blame you for breaking their car. Despite knowing that the issue existed, they do not accept its existence.

So make sure you are using estimating software and have a better idea of what to expect cost-wise. It will also help your customers understand how much they will be charged so that there are no misunderstandings.

Easy Invoicing – Your Next Step is Simple

Somebody said to me that if you create ease for your staff members, they will be more loyal to your business, and you are able to take results from them; the more trouble your staff has, the less energy they will have.

If they don’t have a welcoming attitude towards your customers, this will have a very negative impact and they will find another shop that provides them better services.

Customers expect the best services from you, and they want you to listen and deal with them carefully.

Create ease for them using invoicing software and create multiple invoices for several customers at once.

Auto repair software helps you create invoices quickly and easily. By entering the customer’s information and the provided services, the software will automatically generate an invoice for you. This saves you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to billing your customers.

Your customers easily pay you right away after the technician is done with repairing the vehicle and updates his portal.

The more ease you provide customers to pay you, the faster you will get paid. And get rid of the annoyance of paper invoicing. Now you don’t have to run to post the invoice to the customer’s place or waste your time over phone calls with them.

Instead, email them their invoice and get paid instantly, and you don’t have to miss any payments.

Accept Multiple Payments Methods

You are able to accept various payments from your customers using free repair software. Moreover,  perform multiple tasks like sending invoices with estimated costs for repairs, processing credit card transactions, and creating an order form with different features.

Shop software is an efficient way to create an estimate that you show to your customer. It helps save time and improve accuracy.

Automatically generate estimates using the information found in your diagnostics report, repair order, parts list, or invoice. 

Create a blank estimate if you want to enter repairs manually. Shop software is also helpful for keeping track of information from the estimate to the final invoice, which will give your customers a transparent look at what they’ll be charged.


Auto repair estimating software is a great way to make the estimate process as painless and fast as possible. This type of automation saves you time and money and gives your customers an accurate estimation without confusion. 

Automatically generate estimates using the information found in your diagnostics report or repair order for even more accuracy.

Send estimates to customers and wait until they approve from their end. Then you assign jobs to technicians to work on repairs needed on vehicles.

The benefits are endless with shop software; it’s worth taking some time to explore what this might do for your business today!