October 19, 2021


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Choose the right POS Systems for Restaurants in 2021



Many businesses are producing big revenues but the restaurant is one of the rapid revenue-generating sources. It is more competitive than any other business.  Whereas, their success rates are lower than other businesses – for usually half of them fail. There are many possibilities of their failure. A few of the common ones are, wrong locations, insufficient startup cost, and bad customer service, etc. These problems arise from the root cause i.e. inefficient management and planning. However, in order to accelerate your restaurant processes, you need to digitize them with the help of technology. There are many POS systems for restaurants. All you need is to analyze your restaurant needs and make the right selection from the available options. 

POS Systems for Restaurants according to needs

Primarily, there are two types of POS software. You can choose from the two based on the size of your restaurant business and its needs.

1- On-premises POS Systems

This category of POS systems for restaurants is hardware-dependent. You don’t need to have an internet connection to operate the software. They are stand-alone and built specifically for your desktop devices.  Therefore, in order to use the system, you need to get it installed on your computer system. Moreover, you may require necessary hardware updates in order to meet the compatibility threshold. However, it requires a particular restaurant space for the workstation.

This option works fine for a single restaurant that is not a large-scale business.  One software application can be enough to manage such small restaurants.

2- Cloud-based POS Systems

Contrary to the on-premises one, the cloud-based POS Systems for restaurants do not require the right hardware with complex specifications. All you need is a strong internet connection and any smart device.  Thus, you don’t have to go through any hassle in sustaining system updates and hardware. Everything is managed on cloud servers, you simply have to access them via an internet connection. Thus, you can access the software anywhere, any time, and from any device.

This option is beneficial when your restaurant has multiple branches and chains. You can easily manage your operations and processes with these scalable POS software.

Moreover, the software also offers a point-of-sale app for mobile phones. So, instead of switching to the browser on a mobile device, you can easily use the app for restaurant management.

As the need for cloud-based POS systems is wider than the on-premises ones, we will discuss the benefits of the former only.

Key benefits of Cloud-based POS Software that streamline your restaurant

There are many benefits that you can gain from point-of-sale software. The following factors will ultimately help your restaurant generate more revenue. So, here’s a list of advantages that the state-of-the-art POS System offers for your restaurant. 

➔   Centralized Management

No matter how many branches and floors your restaurant has, everything is manageable with the centralized point-of-sale application. You can process operations for any restaurant branch or floor, from anywhere. Either you’re in the restaurant or not, you can still manage operations from anywhere via any device. http://businessnewstips.com/

➔   Sales Reporting

Every restaurant owner needs to have a clear insight into the sales and revenue. Keeping this need in consideration, professionals have incorporated an efficient feature of sales reporting. However, sales have many dimensions in a restaurant. So, with these reports, you can check categorized sales according to a branch, floor, time, or a particular salesman.  Besides, you can generate flexible reports based upon the capital invested, profit earned, and sales made.  Ultimately, these reports will help you in making better planning and decisions.

➔   Simplified Bulk Orders Management

With smart point-of-sale applications for restaurants, you can process orders in bulk. Besides, that can access orders from a specific ‘kitchen’ as well.  However, you can fetch:

  • All orders from each branch, floor, and salesman.
  • Grouped orders from any salesman, branch, or floor.

Moreover, you can track and manage orders based upon the order categories such as dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery.

➔   Inventory Management

A good POS System for your restaurant will help you easily track inventory and assets. With this feature, you can analyze the number of stock left, wasted stock, and extra stock, etc. It also gives you regular alerts whenever the minimum inventory threshold is hit. Therefore, it strives to sustain the right amount of stock in your inventory.  This saves you from stockout and over-stocking complaints. As you will have proper management of inventory with POS Software, it will save you money, effort, and time.

➔   Customer Management

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for every business. Similarly, restaurants also strive to sustain good relationships with customers in order to make them come back again and again.  Therefore, good POS software has built-in features to support customer management as well.  With this feature, you can track the fashion in which the customer places their orders.  Once you have answers to all of the following questions, you can stock the right food products in the right amount.

  • What do they purchase?
  • What are their favorite orders?
  • What cost bracket does their order belong to?
  • How often do they purchase?

You can extract the above insights via detailed reports. Well, with the careful analysis of customers’ orders, you can add promotional discounts or bundles to increase sales and revenue. 

Also, you can save customer emails to begin marketing campaigns. Besides, you can send them alerts about your new products via emails. Also, you can notify them if you’re launching a new branch or discount deals.

➔  Employees Management

You can signup profiles for staff members including salesman as well. So that every salesman can efficiently process all orders that he receives. This saves you from missing unprocessed orders as the status of every order is tracked. 

Moreover, this feature will let you analyze salesman according to their performance. With the performance tracking, you can figure out which employees are lacking the required workforce and which are the top ones. This is how you can decide which employees need appreciation, training, or job dismissal.

Tried many POS systems for restaurants but faced limitations?

This is the struggle that many of you must have faced. There are many POS systems for restaurants that prove to be insufficient. Not every provider offers the ultimate solution. You need to perform thorough online research on POS systems. But is that a hassle to carry out? Don’t worry! This article aims to save you from this hassle as well. So, SMACC of an all-in-one POS solution for restaurants. Unline the common point-of-sale applications, it provides other ultimate facilities that every restaurant must-have. It allows easy integration with payment devices, barcodes, printers, and other necessary devices. Nevertheless, It also allows you to accept online payments as well. Similarly, you can enjoy other scalable features. Simply go and check their website for more information.

Hope this article was fruitful for you. Stay connected for more related content.