January 25, 2023


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Micro Center computer store in Tustin ‘reopens’ with a new look

Micro Center in Hilliard, Ohio, is an American computer retailer and It establish in 1979 and its 25 stores across 16 states.


Micro Center established in Columbus (Ohio) in 1979 and it is by John Baker, Bill Bayne, and a $35,000 investment. The Micro Center’s first store opened in a 900 square foot and (84 m 2) storefront in the Lane Avenue Shopping Center, Upper Arlington. It was close to the Ohio State University and the scientific think-tank Battelle Memory Institute.

It is provided both a large customer base and an opportunity for computer-literate salespeople. Micro Center goal in first year was to sell $30 million and achieve $29.9million in sales.

There are currently 25 Micro Centers in 16 states of USA, as including California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland. Massachusetts, Michigan. Minnesota, Missouri. New Jersey, New York. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Texas.

Corporate structure

Micro Center is a subsidiary of the title Micro Electronics, Inc., a privately owned corporation with its headquarters in the Hilliard, Ohio.

Micro Center stores sized up to 60,000 square feet (5,600 m 2). They stock about 36,000 products in 700 categories, including major brands and MicroCenter brands. Micro Center has had Title= “Apple Inc.”>Apple departments have been in all stores since 1982. They include “Build Your own PC” departments, support and service, and free classes with “Knowledge Theaters” on weekends.

Public profile

Micro Center was the first US retailer to sell the DJI Mavic Pro drone. They launched it by holding a three-day demonstration in their Columbus store’s lot, which was open to the media and the public.

Micro Center CEO Rick Mershad spoke out in 2015 to describe how the company’s product line was changing. The STEM movement is driving people to create their inventions. Micro Center is now focusing on Arduino projects and Raspberry pi, which will require more consultative selling.

Media reception

Joan Verdon, The Record, stated that Micro Center’s as “claim of fame” is meeting customers’ needs through high-quality service and skilled salespeople. She quoted Doug Olenek (editor at TWICE), a major trade publication in consumer electronics, stated that Micro Center’s salespeople are highly trained compared to other retailers.

The store began offering a free solid-state drive to all new customers in 2021. However, Storage Review wasn’t sold. It was because “it’s not free, but it’s still not worthwhile it.” They also noted that “Micro Center Inland is to technology what Amazon’s dozens are to toilet paper and shampoo.”

Awards and Rankings

MicroCenter was on the whole number 93 on the since 2014 list as of 100 most popular retailers in the US. National Retail Federation compiled this.

The industry trade journal Specifically Dealscope ranked it 18th in terms of consumer electronics retailers In the meantime as in the United States and Canada in 2015.

It ranked 195th in America’s top private companies by Forbes magazine in 2016.

Micro Center stores awarded first and second prizes in Intel’s annual “Score with Intel Core” competition in October 2016. They also donated their prize money directly to local schools.

Micro Center stores won the first and third prizes in 2019, respectively, and two additional prize money donated to local schools.

Micro Center computer shop in Tustin “reopens” with a new look

After a renovation of its 50,000-square-foot store, Micro Center in Tustin now has a fresh look. This company is the only one specializing in DIY computer builders in the country.

Micro Center, one brick-and-mortar store devoted to computer gadgetry, has “reopened” following a redesign.

The store, 50,000 square feet in size, is located off Edinger Avenue and the 55 freeway. It stocks 20,000 products, including hundreds of monitor brands and computer parts.

The store, which was open throughout the renovation, included a tech bar similar to Apple’s “Genius Bar” and a “case garage.” It is also one of very few retailers that focuses exclusively on DIY computer builders. Most computer geeks now buy their components online or at Best Buy after Fry’s Electronics closed. Micro Center has a website that offers a wide range of computer products.

Micro Center founded in 1979 when computers were still a novelty for mainstream shoppers. It was one of the first companies to sell Apple products and has evolved into a departmental store for gadgetry.

Bodo G., a Yelp reviewer from Alhambra, wrote that “Nothing can compare with this store if you are looking for PC parts fast.”

The flyer sents to residents in the area by mail and offered a few grand reopening coupons. These include USB wall chargers at 99 cents, Redragon Stentor speakers at $4.99, Redragon Stentor computer speakers at $4.99, Redragon Stentor headphones for $4.99, and a Seagate Barracuda 3 inch, 1 Terabyte hard drive at $9.99, as well as a Bonzy office chair at $49.99.

The company’s California headquarters is located at the Tustin micro center. Address: 1100 E. Edinger Ave.

Microcenter New Customers Receive $50 Off CPUs With Exclusive Coupon

HILLIARD (Ohio), February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire–PRWeb/ — (Microcenter.com), the largest American computer and consumer electronics retailer, offers $50 off select top-of-the-line CPUs from Intel and AMD to its new customers. Only in-store customers will use the exclusive coupon for this new customer.

With this exclusive coupon, you can save $50 on the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. They currently retail for $239.99 and $299.99, respectively. The coupon can also lower the prices of Intel Core i7-12700Kor Intel Core i9-12900K Alder Lake CPUs at $349.99 and $4999.99, respectively.

“We are excited to welcome new customers into the Micro Center family!” Warren Benson is Chief Merchandising Officer of Micro Center. “Come in to see our huge inventory of PC parts and meet our tech experts and build your dream computer,” he said. A PC builder will find it very helpful to save $50 on top-of-the-line CPUs such as AMD’s Ryzen series or Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs.

 What is the process?

Sign up for new customers using your full name, email address, and phone number. Customers will be sent a coupon via text message. This promotion is only available in stores and is not available online. Limit one coupon per customer This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons. There are no coupons available in the store. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

Micro Center was created to meet the needs of dedicated users of consumer electronics and computers. Micro Center is the only retailer that focuses exclusively on computers and related products. We have more computer and related products in stock than any other retailer.