June 1, 2023


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How Does Field Force Management Software Help Security Agency

How Does Field Force Management Software Help Security Agency

How Does Field Force Management Software Help Security Agency

Providing security to other people is very serious and diligent work. And it is the job of the security firm’s manager to ensure that the security guards understand that and are vigilant on duty. Field force management software helps managers manage the guards and chalk out efficient schedules.

Benefits of Using Field Force Management Software

Multiple benefits can be reaped by investing a good field force management software. It’s a superpower- automation can be of help. The software offers reports and real-time tracking features that are of great use. 

Ease of Management

The field force management system will automate multiple earlier time- and effort-consuming functions for the security personnel deployed. Through automation, managers will automatically know the schedules and bandwidth of each guard. This will ensure they are never double booked or a clash of dates for event guards and bouncers.

Planning and Scheduling

Since the software automated the attendance management, the managers are well aware of the presence of the security personnel in place. This helps them assign tasks and duties with ease.

Greater Visibility

Managers, with the help of the analytical reports offered by the software, are well aware of the productivity and performance quality of each of their employees. They also get informed about their strengths and weaknesses. This helps in delegating them to security sites.

Distribute Resources Wisely

Easily dispatch resources, guards, and additional force when an incident happens, as the software provides information on all the security personnel’s whereabouts, tasks, and bandwidth.

Customize To Suite Your Needs

Our field force management software offers customization. You can get changes such as additional notifications and alerts, multiple sections in the expense report, etc. 

Solutions of Field Force Management System That Will Help 

Field force management software is rich in features, uses encrypted cloud servers, and is highly encrypted. But most importantly, it is customizable and offers automation which is a huge help for the whole of the agency. 

Live Tracking Software

Managers can track the location of the security personnel in real time through a GPS tracking system. They even see the route history, which helps track the security rounds guards are supposed to do frequently.

Task Management 

Managers, in advance, can delegate tasks and schedules to the guards. Bulk uploading tasks allow managers the time to form effective future strategies.

Expense Management

The software helps the security guards upload their bills for reimbursements on the software with ease. Managers can even put a cap on the spending amount. 

Analytical Reports

The software offers automated analytical reports. These reports are in real-time and are in great detail. Managers can judge each guard’s productivity and performance quality through the reports. Even study the tasks of the past lists and expense reports as well. 

SOS Alarm

Employee tracking software understands that each employee is an asset to the agency, which is why it offers SOS Alarm. Pressing it alerts the managers that the guard is under some critical help. Appropriate help can be sent. 

Use TrackoField For Your Security Agency

Tracking them becomes important to ensure that the security personnel is efficient, productive, and alert while working. With the help of the field force management software, managers can keep tabs on their employees while also using the software tools to automate meagre tasks.

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