January 30, 2023


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Importance Things to Know About Using A Roadworthy Certificate

roadworthy certificate

So, what is a roadworthy certificate,and how does it work?Such a certificate proves that the vehicle is safe to be used on the roads. It is generally needed when a customer purchases a new vehicle, and it takes time to register. This certificate helps to clear defect notices in public.

It is often seen that many people get mixed up with the meaning of this document. This certificate is not a guaranteed card to show that the vehicle is mechanically reliable or not; it just shows how safe it is to drive that vehicle. There are a few vehicles that do not require a roadworthy certificate.

Uses of A Roadworthy Certificate:

Aroadworthy certificate is used to ensure that all the vehicle’s main components are in good condition and safe to use on public roads. The list below shows include the components of a vehicle that are inspected-

  • Wheels and tires of the vehicle
  • Front and back lights
  • Braking system
  • Structure of the vehicle
  • Seat belts and windscreen
  • Front wipers
  • Engine
  • External outer body

Exclusion In A Roadworthy Certificate:

  • Aroadworthy certificate does not involve accessories unrelated to the client’s safety. For example, air conditioners, window wipers, electric windows etc.
  • If there is no wear and tear on the vehicles, it is in the best condition.
  •  If any part of the vehicle gets damaged after the inspection, that part is not taken into consideration. For example, if the front lights stop working after inspection.

Keeping in mind all the points mentioned above, it is believed that when a vehicle passes the roadworthy inspection, it is granted a roadworthy certificate. This certificate is provided by the professional vehicle tester team from that particular vehicle’s nearest garage or service station. After their sanction or approval that the car is fit to be used on the road, the certificate is available to the client.

The roadworthy certificateis valid for 30 days from the date it was issued. But it does not mean that the vehicle having that particular certificate will be a part of the condition for those 30 days. The cost of this certificate varies depending upon the age of the vehicle, the entire condition, and the type.

Difference Between Pre-purchase Inspection and Roadworthy Certificate:

  • There is a slight difference between a roadworthy certificate and a pre-purchase inspection.
  •  The certificate gives the client a legal document. It states that after evaluation, the specific car or vehicle has passed all the tests for safety purposes and can be flexibly used on the road.
  • On the other hand, the pre-purchase inspection would advise the client to decide which car would be safe and whether a particular model is worthy of purchase.
  • A roadworthy certificate focuses on the particular parts of the vehicle, whereas a pre-purchase inspection gives the client a detailed report about his vehicle’s entire condition.

The duration of this entire inspection process for a particular vehicle would end at around 1 hour. When the inspection is done in traditional centers,much time gets wasted while traveling to the location and returning foot drop in the past; the inspection would take place through mobiles. However, now the time has changed, and the invigilator comes to the client’s home or workplace and completes the process in an hour.


So, these were some vital pieces of information you needed to know about a roadworthy certificate. Such certificates work is commenced just for the sake of keeping the client safe while driving a vehicle. Considering all the benefits described above, the importance of road worthy certificate can never be overstated.