January 31, 2023


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How to Prepare General Studies for Bihar Police SI Exam?

Police SI Exam

The Bihar Police Subordinate Selection Commission (BPSSC) will soon issue a notification for the year 2021. The Bihar Police SI Recruitment notice 2021 will include information such as test dates and vacancies. This recruitment is divided into three phases: preliminary examination, mains examination, and physical examination. The dates for the exam have not yet been announced but will be posted on the official website shortly. 

Important Information Regarding the Bihar Police SI Exam

Before we go into how to prepare for Bihar Police SI General Studies, let’s go over some most important points. Some major critical aspects for candidates taking the Bihar Police SI Exam  are as follows:

  • The Bihar Police Subordinate Selection Commission is in charge of the Bihar Police SI Recruitment 2021. (BPSSC).
  • The number of positions advertised by the BPSCC under the Bihar Police SI Recruitment 2021 is yet to be revealed because the official announcement has not yet been released.
  • The exam has three selection phases in total: prelims exam, main exam, and physical test.
  • The duration of the  Prelims Exam is 2 hours, which includes a negative marking of 0.2 marks, which will be deducted for each wrong answer.

How to Prepare General Studies for Bihar Police SI Exam?

General Knowledge/ General Awareness 

The following topics should be covered in this section :

  • Changes in major financial institutions
  • Important plans, both in the news and on the ground, are in the works.
  • It is advised that you go over current events of the previous year.

It could be covered from any  monthly or annual publication of any recognized publisher.


The following are some points on how to prepare for Economy Section:

  • Current-based questions are generally asked,  based on recent developments rather than the static component; nevertheless, one must be familiar with five-year plans and models, as well as their objectives.
  • SLR, various institutes, bank rate, reverse repo rate Other institutions include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the International Monetary Fund.
  • Suresh Tendulkar, Raja Chailaiah, and other prominent committees

Political Science 

The following are some important points on how to prepare for the Political Science Section:

Every year approximately 7-8 questions from this section are prominent.

  • Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Wildlife Acts, Panchayati Raj, and the Uniform Civil Code 
  • Acts of  1773, 1784, 1813, 1858, 1909, 1919, and 1935. (Russia, America, S. Africa and so on)
  • Several schedules, amending processes, key amendments, and committees
  • CAG, Attorney General, Election Commission, Chairman of the UPSC, president and vice president   their election and appointment procedures, tenure, and workflow 
  • Member Counts, Nominations, Financial Bill, Emergency Provisions, and their Implementation in Parliament, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha


  • Solar System, planets arranged in ascending and descending order,and  their characteristics
  • Interior of the Earth
  • The lithosphere includes the rock system, volcanic eruptions, mountain ranges and their peculiarities, as well as their existence in various states, forest types, vegetation types, soil types-crops grown, metal and nonmetal deposits
  • The atmosphere and its different layers, gases, and local winds—chinook, fohn, norwester, loo, and so on.
  • The hydrosphere includes ocean currents, continent-wide warm and cold currents, and sometimes country-specific questions.
  • Rivers, their origins, tributaries, river hydroelectric projects, lakes, and ports on the east and west coasts
  • Endangered National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Flora & Fauna


  • Three periods of Indian History: ancient India, medieval India, and modern India  . The emphasis should be on modern India, although Bihar-specific GK questions also emphasize historical India


Candidates who have applied for this exam should have a good Bihar Police SI preparation strategy for the exam, before starting your preparation you should make a study routine and study for at least 7hrs every day.  There are many online platforms available for guidance like BYJU’S Exam Prep. BYJU’S Exam Prep provides the best experts to guide the candidates preparing for not only this but various other exams also. They also have doubt clearing sessions for effective guidance.