June 1, 2023


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How to fix blocked drains in Lindfield, NSW?

blocked drains in lindfield

Blocked drains in Lindfield, NSW?

Drain is a principal vessel or conduit via which undesirable water or waste liquids are flushed away. Either to a more usable region, funnelled into an appropriate container. Or discharged into sewers or stormwater mains for release or processing.

How are drains blocked?

Despite the fact that the majority of people utilise their drains properly, it is extremely simple to make errors. Drains might get clogged as a consequence of normal use on occasion. The following are examples of common causes:

The roots of trees: Local drain clogs are not caused by tree roots. But they might create problems with your main sewage system if they grow in the wrong place. The root continues to grow until it reaches the pipe’s interior and produces a blockage.

Any guess what else can be a reason for clogged drains

Toiletries: Despite the fact that toiletries are necessary, some of them might create drain obstructions. Napkins, baby wipes, and sanitary goods, for example, should not be flushed down the toilet.

Foreign objects: When you have children, there is always the possibility that they may flush something strange down the toilet. Toys and other foreign things get trapped in the u-bend, causing it to become clogged and inoperable.

Oil for cooking: There are no exceptions when it comes to throwing cooking oil down the drain. Since it is too thick to flow freely. Instead, it congregates and clumps together with food waste, causing a clog in the drain line.

Other common reasons

Discarded food crumbs: Food wastes, like frying oil, should not be flushed down the toilet or into the drain. This is particularly true when it comes to used coffee grounds.

Mineral Buildup is a problem: When minerals such as calcium accumulate in your pipes. This results in constriction of the pipes. It is possible that this will not result in a blockage in. And of itself, but it will make it more difficult for other sorts of obstructions to occur. Check out some of the coolest blog posts here.

Also, some problems you might not think of

Soap: Although liquid soap is unlikely to create drain blockages, solid soap bars may get caught inside pipes. Ultimately causing them to collapse and clog the drain. One technique to prevent this from occuring is to cover plug holes. With a mesh wire guard made of wire mesh.

Hair: Having long hair may be both a gift and a burden, depending on your perspective. The fact that part of it comes out when you wash it in the bath or shower is normal. Over time, it becomes a significant contributor to drain blockages by combining with other particles in the drain.

Debris from Nature: It is possible for natural debris to fall into your outdoor drains. Particularly if you do not have gutter guards in place. This often refers to leaves and twigs, but it may also refer to dirt and grit, as well.

Cost of blocked drain repairs?

What will the cost of hiring a plumber or a drain cleaner be? It is possible that some plumbers or drainers may charge a call-out fee, which will be in addition to their hourly cost.

According on your location, a call-out charge might be $60 to $100 and hourly fees could be $100 to $150, depending on the situation. If you need the services of a plumber on a weekend or after hours, you can expect to pay an emergency call out charge. Some plumbers may charge their standard hourly rates for this service, while others will demand an additional fee for call-outs at unusual hours.

Whom to call when you have blocked drains in Lindfield?

When you are working with plumbers that have more than 20 years of expertise, unclogging clogged drains is a straightforward process. It entails checking the drain with a closed-circuit television camera and determining the source of the issue. Because short remedies end up costing you more money in the long run, it is only then that you will be able to rest easy.

Plumbers now have a variety of sophisticated gadgets that they may use to unclog drains, but they must first discover and identify the source of the issue in many cases. In the past, even if there were no obvious symptoms of leaking, this might be a massive and very expensive undertaking. Plumbers now utilise closed-circuit television cameras (also known as sewage drain cameras), which enable them to observe what’s going on within the pipes and identify the location of the obstruction.

Getting in touch with an expert has benefits

Once the source of the issue has been discovered, the plumber can generally unclog the drain within a short period of time utilising the necessary equipment. When it comes to ordinary plumbing work, one piece of equipment that has stood the test of time is the “electric eel.” Eels are long, flexible steel rods with cutters projecting from the ends that are capable of cutting through tree roots if they are kept in a watertight container.

Electric eels have a number of downsides that must be considered. For starters, they have the potential to cause damage to pipelines. Another issue is that they only have a restricted audience. As a result, plumbers nowadays often use strong hydro-jet equipment, which utilise high-pressure water to clear clogs from drains. Hydro-jets are also capable of clearing tree roots from the ground.

When we have identified the source of the issue, we may provide you with a long-term solution, such as pipe relining or pipe replacement. The following are some of our drain cleaning solutions: plunging the drain with a drain snake, jet blasting the drain, or commercial drain cleaning chemicals

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