January 25, 2023


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How to choose a perfect pair of glasses for men?

glasses for men

Wearing glasses or not wearing them both affects your personality in one way or the other. People perceive your personality based on the type of sunglasses you are wearing. People who wear full-rim glasses give more intelligent vibes as compared to the ones who wear rimless glasses. There is a variety of frames for men available in the market. One can also buy them online. There are available in a variety of colors, styles, designs. Every type showcases your personality differently. Here are discussed few points on how to choose a perfect pair of glasses for men: –

1) Men with round-shaped face

On men with round-shaped face, frames with a rectangular shape and flat style suits well. They add a stylish touch to your personality. They make the face look longer and slim. They make one look classy and give them a sophisticated look. They become the signature style of the personality. The corners of the frame should be squared off rather than round and the actual material should be thin to suit such kind of face.

2) Men with square face

-Men’s who have square-shaped faces there is only a little different than the round face. The edges of the face were a little sharper and angles as compared to the round ones. Their chin is a little broad and their jaws are squared. They can wear glasses with round lenses. It will give a soft impression about them. They can also wear square-shaped eyeglasses, but one should try wearing lenses whose height and width are even to give a good impression about his personality.

3)Oval face

-The oval-shaped faces have a universal eyewear range available to them. Most of the eyeglasses suit well on them. The oval face is a little longer as compared to being wide. Both the square and the curvy one suit it well but it should not be too squared or rounded. A thicker frame may fit best but the heaviness of the frame should be limited otherwise the actual features of your face will be overshadowed by it.

4)Heart shape face

-Heart shaped face is narrow cheekbones and a small chin. The heart-shaped person looks pretty. But it is very difficult to fit with the eyewear. One should try the butterfly taper frame. These types of frames help one bring attention towards the center of their face. One should avoid wearing something that is too blocky or square.

There are various kinds of glasses frames for men available in the market. One should choose the one that enhances their personality and suits more on their face shape. Wearing glasses that do not work well on your face makes you look dull and unattractive. There are various websites available online that help you find glasses according to your personality. Idee provides you with the best range and collection of men’s eyeglasses. One just needs to search Idee frames for men and can select the one according to his choice.