September 27, 2022


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Buying Guide – PC Speakers

PC Speakers are the way to go if you want the highest quality sound. A good pair will make your movies and games truly come to life. But there’s a ton of different speakers out there. So it’s important to do your research before plunking down cash. You can read article also on omgblog which is a UK based site.

In this article, we’re going to help you get the most bang for your buck. We’ll run through all of the basic terminologies. So you know what’s important. And help you find the best computer speakers for you. However, if you want to buy the best speakers. That won’t break the bank then be sure to check out animated video production. They’ve listed a ton of good-quality speakers by type.

Types of Speakers

PC Speakers come in different types, some are designed for casual use while others are made to power your party. They can usually be sorted into the following categories:

Multimedia Speakers

These are your everyday PC speakers. Most of the features you get from a home theater system come in these tiny boxes. And they’re usually powered by USB or batteries. They’re great for watching movies and listening to music. But depending on their size they can’t produce much bass or volume to fill a room with sound.

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Bookshelf Speakers

These PC speakers don’t have a subwoofer built into them. So you’ll need an additional speaker for low-end frequencies. If you want to enjoy games and music just as much as the next guy. However, because of that fact they can provide better sound quality than most multimedia speakers at about half the price. If you just want something simple that sounds good, this is definitely your best option.

Home Theater Systems

These are powerful PC speakers that come with a built in subwoofer and console to control them all in one unit. They’re great if you have the money, but they’re overkill for most users. Another downside is that they can be cumbersome to set up when compared to other speaker types.

Center Channel Speakers

Center channel PC speakers are designed specifically for home theaters so you’ll need at least 2 of them if you want surround sound. However, these are usually the biggest speakers in any system. So they won’t look out of place even in large rooms or offices. Just make sure that your receiver has the space. And hold it before laying down any cash for one of these guys.

Surround Sound Speakers

Surround sound speakers are basically the same. As center channel speakers except they usually come in packs of 5 or more. You’ll need a receiver for them to work. But if you want to splurge. And give your media room an authentic movie theater feel then this is the only way to go. They also tend to be bulky so don’t put them out in the open unless you know for sure. That they won’t distract from the rest of your decor. Getting a good pair of computer speakers or headphones can greatly improve your overall sound experience. So don’t skimp when it comes to this area. If you’re not sure what type of set is best for your needs. Just do a bit more research and/or follow the tips we’ve listed above.


If you don’t have enough space for bookshelf or surround-sound style speakers, there are always subwoofers! These typically range from 8 inches up to 18 inches. Aand play low frequencies so all those explosions and rumbling engines sound like you’re right there in the action. If you want to shake the floor then these are the speakers for you. But they tend to be pretty expensive.

How to Buy The Best Speakers?

Before you can determine which speakers are right for your needs, there’s some things you need to know about them. Here’s a list of the most important specs and what they mean. So you know whether or not the speaker is worth the cash. by garment inspection

POWER – Measured in watts, this number determines how loud the speaker can get. And how powerful it will be in larger spaces. For example, a 20 watt speaker won’t put out much noise. When compared to a 200 watt speaker in a large room full of people. However, almost every set of PC speakers on the market today fall between 5 and 100 watts. So it should be easy enough to find something that suits your needs without breaking the bank.

COMPIBILITY – Not all devices are created equal, some have specific requirements which you need to adhere to. For example, USB speakers can only be used with devices that provide enough power through the USB port. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a high quality set of speakers. And or headphones that will last for years to come on the low side of the one hundred dollar price range. And or PC’s ports and subwoofers usually require their own amplifiers. Make sure that whatever speaker you’re buying is compatible with all your equipment before dropping any cash on them.

CLASS – When it comes to sound quality there are basically 2 classes: standard and high definition. Standard class units typically cut costs in a number of ways such as using less powerful drivers. And cheaper materials for cabinets whereas high-definition set ups use more premium components, drivers. And amps to produce sound at higher volumes. However, this doesn’t always hold true so it’s more of a general rule of thumb than anything else.

SIZE & DESIGN – Most standard speakers range from about 5 inches to 6 feet in height. While subwoofers can be as small as 8 inches or bigger than 6 feet! The size and shape of the speaker is entirely up to you. If you’re putting them on your desk then keep in mind. That big woofer will take up more space than bookshelf models. Also, don’t forget to think about design too. Because nobody wants an ugly set of speakers sitting out in their living room.


Overall, there are a lot of speakers out there. So it can definitely get daunting when trying to pick the best one. However, if you follow this guide then picking the perfect set up for your needs should be pretty easy!