November 26, 2022


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Amazing design ideas to paint the bedroom walls

bedroom walls

Sprucing up certain parts of your house might certainly not be a task you might want to undertake every day. However, one method of doing so that is not only light and fun but also greatly enhances the charm of the room while changing the whole look would be painting. Many of us have a certain vision of how we would like the walls in our room to look. Some think of drawing or painting certain figures on their walls, others create a mandala design, some leave it abstract, while others would not like to change the contemporary style and monotone effect.

Ideas and creativity – Some people are gifted in terms of their creativity and are able to channel their talent even onto a large canvas like a huge wall. However, not many people are able to do so effectively. In that case, using certain wall paint design ideas to help accentuate certain parts of the bedroom walls could be a blessing. This can help take a load of designing and uniqueness off your shoulders and also allow your house to be a part of the trendiest bunch of houses in town.

Some tried-and-tested designs that you could use for your bedroom walls and amp up the look could be:

  • Vertical stripe pattern – True to its name, this is one of the more popular patterns as it looks chic and trendy while giving a retro look. A mix of two colors in the form of thick vertical stripes on a particular wall of the bedroom, maybe against the bed would uplift the ambiance of the room.
  • Geometric wall painting – Screaming elegance, this wall painting can easily be the background of the study table in the room as it gives the illusion of pattern and creates a sense of calmness owing to its color scheme. It can also be a part of one patch in the wall to help pop out that part of the room.
  • Wooden texture – If your house primarily follows the contemporary style, this texture would then be perfect. A texture that is elegant and classy can be a part of the ceiling décor or even as a background to the television set in the bedroom. Any artifacts or accessories would look good against a wooden background so if this texture is a part of the vertical walls, you can decorate it with photo frames.

Painting the bedroom walls is important however, at times, the paint can also spill over to the floors. Use Indigo floor paint to cover up any patches, splashes, or blotches of paint that may cover the floor post the wall paint job. If you are novices, it is always good to be prepared. However, at times, all the preparation may also fall short for some reason or the other. Therefore, keep these additional paint cans handy to be able to cover up any aspect that was accidentally spoiled. Precautions while painting is always welcome. Extra tapes, plastic sheets, and even paint cans or brushes would be a good way to be prepared to the fullest.