January 28, 2023


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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Hands of the people to clean the air conditioner

Dubai is a very hot and humid era of the world. Where life cannot exist without AC. In Dubai AC is the primary part of life. As there is a lot of dust and warm air in the environment of Dubai.  The working of AC is often stuck due to the hotness. Every person and even every company have a contract with AC repairing companies. A cleaning company in Dubai also provides the best AC cleaning services.

Best Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

All AC cleaning services are provided by our company. We have a team of experts who will resolve your air conditioning problems in a limited time. Our cleaning company in Dubai is on call and will reach you to serve you in few seconds all over the city. All residential and commercial areas AC maintenances are done vastly by taking our services.

Let’s clean up your AC duct in Dubai:

Multiple duct cleaning companies are available in Dubai due to its hot environment. In the industry of cleaning services, it is very difficult to find out best o them. As every client requires long-lasting maintenance, complete work in a short time and is less costly.  Our company will provide you with all of the above services for AC duct cleaning in Dubai. Our professionals will clean up your AC duct deeply and efficiently.

Why AC duct clean?

As there is sand around Dubai. A lot of dust particles are always surrounded in the air of rooms and offices. As the AC in every part of Dubai is power on 24/7. These dust particles enter rapidly in the duct of running AC and get settle due to the smooth surface of AC.  After this, they enter into the evaporated area of your AC and ducts. The dust with the particles sticks to the surface and cause mould in your AC.

This mould can slow down the working of your AC and is dangerous for your health. Ac trays that are placed under the evaporator unit normally are not focused. Water that is standing in trays can produce moulds that lead to unpleasant air in the room. When your Ac could not clean regularly it will cause health problems, because they produce thickness in room air. By taking the services of a cleaning company in Dubai you can enjoy the fresh air of your AC.

How to clean AC duct in Dubai:

Normally ducts are cleaned by hand or vacuum. But by this method ducts cannot be cleaned properly. Some types of molds that are stuck on the surface of the duct still remain there and cause of worst and unhealthy air. Our professionals will clean up your AC with a proper procedure that will work deeply and each part of the duct would be cleared. The procedure of AC duct cleaning in Dubai is as follows:

  1. They will examine how much dust is present in ducts and what type of equipments should be required and how much time it will take.
  2. They will use large truck mounted vacuum to suck the dust from the duct.
  3. As the vacuum pressure is used on the ducts the worker will open each part of the ducts to remove all dust.
  4. Some time cleaner used rotating brushes,vacuum cleaner and compressed air tools to clean the duct.
  5. Then cleaner will check out other parts of AC like air handler, evaporator coil and drain pain.