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Kooiker Puppies – Video of puppy eating grass!

My Kooiker is the web’s newest and hottest Kooiker site out there! We have everything from breed and caring info to training and food types. Save to your favs and enjoy! The different kooiker dogs can be different colors; brown, black, white, and grey. They look similar to an American cattle dog crossed with…

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Kooikerhondje / Dog Breed

Kooikerhondje / Dog Breed The Kooikerhondje is an old Dutch race bred to lure ducks into traps. The Kooikerhondje can be seen in paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, but didn’t become an official, recognized race until June 18, 1966. Unfortunately, by the end of World War II, when dwindling duck stocks left the…

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Kooikerhondje von der Auenwolke D-Wurf, Welpenentwicklung

Kooikerhondje von der Auenwolke D-Wurf, Welpenentwicklung Die ersten Wochen des D-Wurfs der Kooikerhondjes Roxy und Eilun. Zuchtstätte: von der Auenwolke Musik: Hymn-of-the-lost-soldier-(loopable)-(Sven-Gerlach-on-www-ende-tv) ballade_pour_amalie_gemafrei_privat_evermusic Happy-Sadness-(loopable)-(Sven-Gerlach-on-www-ende-tv) fighting_for_love_gemafrei_privat_evermusic Travels-Part-II-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) Romantic-Motivation-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) Happiness-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) 03003 summer reggae ( Country-Life-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) BeautifulCountryLife-(Sven-Gerlach-on-www-ende-tv) Happy-Ukulele-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) Blockbuster01-EpicHorns-(Sven-Gerlach-on-www-ende-tv) Travels-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) Learning-to-Fly-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv) Happy-End-(AlekSound-on-www-ende-tv)

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